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This Interactive Map Shows You Weird Festivals Around The World

This Interactive Map Shows You Weird Festivals Around The World

Ever wanted a comprehensive list of all the weird things us humans do in groups? This might just be it. Check out this awesome interactive map of the weird, wonderful and downright wacky festivals that take place across the globe.

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From the Baby Jumping Festival in Spain, all the way to the Beer Can Regatta Festival in Darwin, this map has basically every weird festival we’d be embarrassed by if a super smart alien race ever came in contact with us.

Top picks include the World Gurning Championships in Cumbria, England which sees competitors try and pull the ugliest face they can to win a prize.

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There’s the Barnsville Potato Days Festival in Barnesville, Minnesota in the US, which sees the town celebrate the humble spud with eating competitions, peeling competitions and of course, mashed potato wrestling.

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And there is, of course, the famous Wife-Carrying Championships in Sonkajärvi, Finland that see men carrying their partners through a difficult and lengthy obstacle course, with the winner being the fastest couple.

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Click here for some seriously fun browsing – you might even decide to build a holiday around one of them. Just make sure it’s not the Redneck Games Festival from our header photo. That one’s just plain weird.

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