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A ‘Hotel On Skis’ Has Opened In Finland

A ‘Hotel On Skis’ Has Opened In Finland

As one of the best places in the work to see the incredible Northern Lights, Finland is replete with equally amazing accommodations from which to view them. But its newest addition might be the most unique yet.

The Aurora Wilderness Camp, or “hotel on skis”, is being offered by tour company Off The Map Travel and is designed to be towed into some of the country’s most remote Arctic locations. Three cosy cabins come complete with a clear glass ceilings over a double bed, a bathroom and a gas heater, and can comfortably accommodate two people.

Once they check in, guests are transported to the cabin by snowmobile, where they’re taught how to make a campfire and grill local sausages. They also have free-reign over the cabins’ snowshoes and kicksleds, meaning they can make the most of the frigid conditions 6km east of Kilpisjärvi in Finland’s north-west. It records more Northern Lights activity than any other place in Finland.

Aurora Wilderness Camp

“The wilderness surrounding Kilpisjärvi is known for its remote and uninterrupted Arctic tundra,” Off The Map Travel founder Jonny Cooper said in a media release. “It’s here that the wilderness camp is placed for the winter, giving guests the best possible opportunity to experience the Northern Lights and simply enjoy the silence of the Arctic plains.”


The Aurora Wilderness Camp cabins are available to book until mid-April, before re-opening in a new location in January 2019. Cost depends on the tour package you book.

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(All images courtesy of Off The Map Travel)

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