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This German Bridge Was Built As An Optical Illusion

This German Bridge Was Built As An Optical Illusion

Depending on your levels of cynicism, magic either exists in this world or it can all be explained away through illusions.

Rakotzbrücke in Kromlau, Germany, translates to “Devil’s Bridge” named for the medieval colloquialism that such incredible and unlikely bridges could have only been created by the black magic conjured from Satan’s hand.

(Photo: Holger Wirth/Flickr)

In fact, the bridge was built by mere mortals in 1860. Though we can safely say there is no otherworldly forces at work in this particular instance, the resulting illusion is still pretty phenomenal.


The bridge architects created the parabola of the bridge as one half of a circle, creating the optical illusion of a perfect circle when reflected in the waters of the Lake Rakotzsee, regardless of your vantage point.

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(Photo: Henning Herrmann/Flickr)

Although it’s manmade magic, the circle still looks like it could transport you to another dimension. While they say that crossing the relic is prohibited for preservation, we reckon it’s probably banned because of the portal to Narnia on the other side. Oh yeah, did we mention we fall on the side of those who believe in magic?

(Lead image: cнαт-ɴoιr^^/Flickr)

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