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This Smart Suitcase Is Actually The Future

This Smart Suitcase Is Actually The Future

Think suitcases are only good for wrinkling your clothes? Think again. The Indiegogo campaign to raise manufacturing costs for the Bluesmart carry-on suitcase has raised nearly $2 million (of a $50,000 goal!) and it’s easy to see why – this smart suitcase finally brings jet-setting into the digital age. The Bluesmart is compatible with iOS, Android and even Apple Watch technology, and in the words of the developers, is really more of a “personal travel assistant” than a mere suitcase.

From your smartphone, you can lock and unlock it, weigh its contents, track its location, analyse your travel habit data, and receive text notifications if you accidentally leave it behind. The Bluesmart also contains a special, secure compartment your laptop and tablet (all the better for breezing through security lines) and a powerful battery for charging devices. What’s more, the Bluesmart syncs itself to your calendar to remind you of your itinerary and when to start packing, and will alert you if someone tries to open it without your permission.

What can’t it do?

A pre-order will set you back more than $400 including the price of shipping to Australia (plus, it won’t arrive until August), but if you want to get your mitts on one, you’d better make up your mind fast – crowdfunding ends on January 31st.

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