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Germany Has A Treehouse Sauna For Your Inner Goddess

Germany Has A Treehouse Sauna For Your Inner Goddess

When you were a kid, having your own treehouse was the absolute dream. A space where you could hide away from your parents or play dumb games with your friends – yes please! It was like adventure and cosiness in one.

But it was pretty rare to actually have a treehouse, or have a friend who had one right? So as adults, we make it our business to find adult ways or doing stuff we didn’t get to do as kids. Like making entire hotels out of Lego. Or decking them out with Hello Kitty. Or even putting a day spa on top of a tree.

A treehouse spa. That’s exactly what Schwarzwaldhotel Tanne Resort Treehouse Sauna is and it is glorious.


Located in Germany’s Black Forest, the Treehouse Sauna is for those of us looking to relax, completely undisturbed, in one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Sounds like a pretty fair consolation prize for our treehouse-less childhood, don’t you think? Thought so.


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It’s built on top of a very large, ancient tree that juts out the side of a mountain and looks over the idyllic countryside. You can choose from a range of accommodation packages at the Treehouse Sauna that include breakfast and luxurious spa treatments. You can have a look at the full offering here.

(All images: Schwarzwaldhotel Tanne Resort Treehouse Sauna)

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