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This Couple Will Renew Your Faith In Long Distance Relationships

This Couple Will Renew Your Faith In Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are notoriously straining for both people involved. It’s very hard not to see the face you love every day IRL. But there’s one US couple turning their tough long distance into a beautiful photo series.

Dan Gold and Becca Siegel found themselves on separate sides of the earth when Dan was called on a 12 month work trip that would see him constantly travelling (which: hello, are you hiring?).

Both of them are professional photographers, so they decided to turn their situation into an extremely cool Instagram account documenting their separate-but-together experiences across the world. Their individual travels take them to places like Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic, Colombia and Peru, and way more.

Speaking to the DailyMail, Dan said that not only has the project helped his and Becca’s long distance relationship become a little easier, it’s helped other people too. “We wanted to share our story through photos on Instagram, and the project has evolved to a following that is giving strength to long-distance couples and travellers all over the world,” he says.

And we’re not surprised. Their photos are extremely inspiring to everyone, even if you’re not in a long distance relationship:

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(Lead image: halfhalftravel/Instagram)

Ready for your next trip? Of course you are.

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