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Is Queensland About To Become Australia’s Hottest Foodie State?

Is Queensland About To Become Australia’s Hottest Foodie State?

AWOL has teamed up with Andy And Ben Eat Australia to create digital episodes of the full-length SBS Food Network series, discovering some of the best food and travel experiences Australia has to offer.

We’ll be covering off five episodes with the ex-Masterchef contestants, exploring the delicious side of Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The boys will be taking you through the best restaurants and experiences you can only find in each state: regional cuisine, native produce, community vibes and the small-town charm hidden in big cities.

Next up on the duo’s foodie adventure is Queensland, a place where excellent natural food and impossibly good weather reign supreme. Andy describes it as “a land before time”. Presumably because it’s hard to imagine how a place could be so good.

This episode sees the boys heading to the marvellous north, discovering the glory of Lime Caviar Company‘s finger limes, learning how to cook food in a tree trunk, tasting the neighbourhood’s honey on the Bee One Third rooftop and exploring Crystal Cascades Waterfall in Cairns. We’re left wondering: Is Queensland about to become Australia’s hottest foodie state?

Copy of IMG_3543 copy
The boys at the Crystal Cascades Waterfall in Cairns

Describe Queensland in three words.

Andy Allen: Beer. Drinking. Weather.

Ben Milbourne: Sun, seafood and adventure.

What’s the favourite spot you visited?

AA: We got to explore the Lime Caviar Company in Queensland’s scenic rim (near the NSW border). It’s like something out of The Land Before Time. You could plant a broomstick and it would grow. The scenery here (and trying finger limes) was something pretty special.

BM: Palm Cove was the best way to finish the series. We found this tree to cook in (seriously) and cooked there right on the beach, with the water lapping our feet.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.48.56 am
The beautiful scenery at the Lime Caviar Company

What was the number one thing you ate in QLD?

AA: I loved trying out the just-poured honey at Bee One Third. And the fact that they’re using CBD rooftops to host bees made it all the more sweet!

BM: Mud crab cooked by Andy and I!

Copy of _MG_3823 copy
Andy and Ben cooking up some mud crab in a tree trunk at Kewarra Beach in Palm Cove


What do you think QLD does better than anywhere else in Australia?

AA: It’s not one thing – it’s a combination of so many perfect things. Great weather and fertile soil result in some diverse and exciting produce. The climate means it’s almost obligatory to cook outside, which is when I’m in my element. And then you can wash it all down with a beer by enjoying yet another epic Queensland view. What’s not to love?

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BM: Queensland’s beaches and islands speak for themselves. We have the best beaches in the world here in Australia, and Queensland is pulling its weight in this department for sure.

Any insider tips?

AA: Brisbane has some epic spots to explore. It’s really coming into its own from a culinary perspective.

BM: Andy won’t shut up about Fraser Island, so that’s my tip!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 11.51.36 am (1)
Andy gets his adrenaline fix sand-boarding on Fraser Island

Qantas and AWOL are partners of Andy And Ben Eat Australia. Check out more AWOL episodes of the show below.


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