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This Band Takes Better Travel Photos Than You

This Band Takes Better Travel Photos Than You

Following up their debut single ‘The Woods,’ Brisbane indie folk duo Hollow Coves have returned with an atmospheric and introspective new single ‘Coastline’.

Hollow Coves is Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson, two vagabonds with a shared love of travel. Their EP Wanderlust will arrive on February 3 following an incredible few years for the band, and it’s no coincidence they’ve named their EP after the desire to get out there and see the world. Several of the singles on Wanderlust actually materialised overseas; from a small apartment in Toronto to Montreal’s Indica Studios to back home in Brisbane, this EP is escapism at its finest.

Not content with being masters of one domain, both Matt and Ryan are also insanely talented travel photographers. They’ve shared with us some pics from their turns around the globe, and they look straight out of an edition of National Geographic. Click through the gallery below for some major ‘phwoar’ moments.

Their new single ‘Coastline’ was penned after Hollow Coves discovered their shared love for travelling along Australia’s vast edges. Matt and Ryan say this single springs from a mutual nostalgia and thirst to find themselves back there, zipping past crystal-blue seas and scorching white sands.

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Hollow Coves’ debut EP Wanderlust is out February 3.

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