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An Entire Party Dedicated To ‘So Fresh’ CDs From The 2000s Is Hitting Sydney

An Entire Party Dedicated To ‘So Fresh’ CDs From The 2000s Is Hitting Sydney

So 2000s Festival: A 'So Fresh' Party Is Hitting Sydney This Long Weekend

It might be 2020, but music still hasn’t improved since So Fresh CDs from the 2000s. If you’re all like “Billie Eilish, whomst?” and “‘Untouched’ by The Veronicas is the perfect song”, then you’ll want to shimmy down to Sydney’s So 2000s Festival.

Bust out your Von Dutch hats, double denim and chunky sneakers, because the chaotic energy of the 2000s is coming back, bb. You’d better be ready for an entire day and night celebrating the music, fashion and pop culture of the 2000s and early 2010s.

The So 2000s Festival will have DJs playing all your fave hits from So Fresh CDs, like Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Fergie, Nikki Webster, Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna. There’ll be songs by Hannah Montana and Miley herself, and of course there’ll be lots of Britney, bitch.

When you’re not tearing up the dance floor like it’s your high school disco, you can also enjoy a ball pit, silent disco, free Chupa Chups and fairy floss, face painting and a special guest DJ appearance by Shrek.

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The festival is also planning to break the world record of the biggest singalong to ‘Untouched’. Haven’t you been waiting for this moment all your life?

In case you start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer brilliance that was music in the spring of 2001, the Hottest 100 will also be broadcast at the party.

So 2000s Festival is happening this long weekend at Hermann’s Bar on Saturday, January 25. Tickets start at $13.80 and are available here.

(Lead image: The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

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