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These 17 Neighbourhoods Are Currently Trending With Travellers On Airbnb

These 17 Neighbourhoods Are Currently Trending With Travellers On Airbnb

Airbnb has just announced its annual list of neighbourhoods to watch, with two Aussie spots getting a look in.

When booking accommodation, the inevitable question arises: which neighbourhood should you stay in once you arrive at your chosen city? It’s a loaded question – do you want to be within walking distance of the city’s attractions? Cafes? Restaurants? Bars to stumble home from? It’s not an easy decision, by no means – so it’s good we’ve got Airbnb doing all the hard work for us.

Their newest Neighbourhoods to Watch list highlights the fast-growing neighbourhoods for travel in 2017 and were based on the travel patterns of more than 140 million total guest arrivals at three million Airbnb homes. The eclectic mix of destinations – led by a little-known wonder in America’s south – reveal a tendency for travellers to seek out less dense neighbourhoods, namely those that have access to parks and green space. They’re also keen on being close to public transport and foodie hotspots – because, duh.

So where in the world should we be staying? Take a peak at the list below.


#17 Žižkov in Prague, Czech Republic


103% growth

Trending for: Its rebellious spirit that lures a mix of students, artists and wandering travellers.

#16 Chacarita in Buenos Aires, Argentina


172% growth

Trending for: Chacarita’s a little off the tourist path for visitors to Buenos Aires. Nonetheless it offers vintage roadhouses and affordable living close to BA’s trendy nightlife district Palermo Hollywood.

#15 Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland


180% growth

Trending for: The tree-lined Phoenix Park is an alluring respite from city life in Dublin – there’s even roving deer that hang out in the gardens!

#14 Lyndale in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


193% growth

Trending for: Fun fact, Lyndale boasts one of the largest populations of artists in the US. Very cool.

#13 Daehangno in Seoul, South Korea


293% growth

Trending for: Daehangno is a popular destination for locals and visitors to Seoul thanks to its youth culture and flourishing theatre scene.

#12 Chippendale in Sydney, Australia


204% growth

Trending for: Its seamless blend of industrial facades and green spaces – Chippendale is fast becoming a mecca for local artists and travellers. Represent!

#11 Din Daeng/Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand


218% growth

Trending for: Its roadside markets and small-town feel that’s close to Bangkok’s famous nightlife.

#10 Usera in Madrid, Spain


228% growth

Trending for: Great transportation and a vibrant cafe scene make Usera the perfect base for those wishing to explore Spain’s capital.

#9 West Seattle in Seattle, Washington, USA


230% growth

Trending for: Beachy West Seattle is detached from Seattle’s CBD but is gaining popularity for its mountain tableaus and family-friendly amenities.

#8 Narvarte in Mexico City, Mexico


264% growth

Trending for: Being a tranquil outpost along Mexico City’s southern area with nostalgic charm, locals-only shops and restaurants.

#7 Midtown in Miami, Florida


430% growth

Trending for: Being a foodie go-to. Midtown Miami is central, walkable and bursting with splashy murals and fine, fresh dining.

#6 Rockcliffe Smythe in Toronto, Canada


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497% growth

Trending for: Beautiful green spaces, nearby shopping and countless dining options.

#5 Chutes-Lavie in Marseille, France


604% growth

Trending for: Its rich history and multiculturalism. Chutes-Lavie lies at the centre of Marseille’s evolution from France port city to a travel hotspot.

#4 Konohana-ku in Osaka, Japan


609% growth

Trending for: Being seconds away from Universal Studios Japan! Makes complete sense.

#3 Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia

Photo: Naked For Satan/Facebook

770% growth

Trending for: Being a growing destination for vintage shopping, funky cafes and alternative arts. Fitroy was even crowned one of the world’s most hipster neighbourhoods.

#2 Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


976% growth

Trending for: An oasis within KL’s bustling CBD, Kampung Baru is a taste of old-fashioned charm in a modern metropolis.

#1 Milneburg in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


1500% growth

Trending for: Cosy homes close to New Orleans’ famed French Quarter make Milneburg an emerging hub for travellers.

(Images: Airbnb)

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