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So, Paris Is Getting A Gym Boat For Some Reason

So, Paris Is Getting A Gym Boat For Some Reason

It’s a given your health is going to take a slide while on holiday, what with all the food, drinks and sleep-ins (but it’s mostly the food, let’s be honest). But you won’t have to worry anymore, because Paris has you sorted – they’re creating a new fitness centre on the River Seine that lets you combine sightseeing and exercise in one.

The Paris Navigating Gym Project was created by international design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati, and it aims to provides local and visitors alike with a unique workout experience along Paris’ most famous river. While still in development stages, the proposed boat is said to be a 20-metre long ‘fitness vessel’ that can accommodate up to 45 people, boasting a selection of machines by Technogym including bikes and cross-trainers. And get this – when you start to pedal, an inverter turns this exertion into electricity that’s used both to power the machine and the boat itself. Pedal power!


Passengers can get sweaty while taking in views of the Eiffel Tower, the Pont Alexandre III bridge and The Louvre through the boat’s transparent glass covering. The glass walls will remain open in summer, and closed over in colder months or at night for parties and celebrations.

Technogym’s machines are high class too – fitness enthusiasts can keep track of their energy data via an augmented-reality screen that displays real-time information in front of you. This means you can check out how many calories burned while staring out the window at Paris’ serene city centre, which is a hell of a lot better than the television adored walls of regular gyms.

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Paris Navigating Gym could be operational in as little as 18 months. Watch this space.

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