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There’s An Adorable Doggo Giving Out Free Hugs In NYC

There’s An Adorable Doggo Giving Out Free Hugs In NYC

In news that will make you feel exponentially better about the big wide world we live in, there is a golden retriever in New York City handing out free hugs to passers-by.

The very good doggo is named Louboutina and she loves nothing more than wrapping her cute little paws around the legs, arms, necks of people who pass her. Her owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez says that she loved hugging so much that they couldn’t walk for more than a few minutes before she would stop and embrace his legs.

He spoke to TODAY about how he thinks her love of hugs came about, “When she was little, I would hug her like a person. I would kneel on the floor and hug her and she would put her paws on my shoulders. So maybe she picked that up.”

Loubie, as she’s known, now has over 145,000 Instagram followers. In fact, the joy she’s creating in New York has spread worldwide, with people from all over the globe aiming to visit New York just to receive one of her coveted hugs. Loubie and her owner are even expected to travel to Greece, Los Angeles and Peru to reach a wider fan base.

Speaking to Lonely Planet, Fernandez-Chavez says that although she is affectionate as they come, Loubie won’t hug just anyone. “She’s trying to bond with that person so trust is important with her. It works better when someone is a dog person. If someone comes just for a picture, it’s probably not going to happen. She actually picks the person she’s going to hug and wants to establish a connection with that person.”

Of course, if you are lucky enough to be embraced by the furry, friendly pupper, it’d just about make your week.

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(Lead photos: louboutinanyc/Instagram)

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