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It’s Official: Bucket Lists Are Good For Your Health And Happiness

It’s Official: Bucket Lists Are Good For Your Health And Happiness

Bucket lists exist in a variety of forms. They can be scribbled down and carried around in wallets, or kept in the notes section of phones. Hell, they could even just be a few ideas sloshing around in your brain.

Whatever form your bucket list takes, they’re an important motivational tool – especially for travel. They’re considered a vessel for achievement and ambition and, it turns out, happiness and health too.

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Recent research has found that collating those ‘must-do-before-I die’ type of experiences is making us happier and more content. In a survey conducted by AARP travel, it was found that creating a bucket list gives people hope and something to look forward to, which has a positive impact on our mental health. It also encourages some of us to exercise and eat better to prepare for the bucket list experience, thus also improving our physical health.

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The survey focused on baby boomers but the findings are also relevant to younger travellers. It found that while baby boomers write bucket lists to have something to look forward to, millennials write them in order to challenge themselves and experience new things. Millennials are also inclined to write longer lists, whereas baby boomers write shorter and more specific ones.

Interestingly, millennials have cottoned on to the bucket list trend much more than the generations before them. 51 percent of millennials have collated a bucket list, compared to 44 percent of Gen Xers and 38 percent of baby boomers. We sure know how to set a goal for ourselves.

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So if you haven’t got a set of travels goals brewing just yet, try fleshing some out. After all, it’s good for you!

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