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There’s A US Airport With Its Very Own Independent Film Theatre

There’s A US Airport With Its Very Own Independent Film Theatre


Portland International Airport has its very own indie theatre displaying short films for passengers passing through.

Portland, Oregon is a place so unique and offbeat that its even inspired a parody sketch show. But the locals don’t care. They’re committed to keeping Portland weird and showing visitors how proud they are of their town. Including those who are just passing through the airport.


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Portland local, and Executive Director of Portland’s iconic Hollywood Cinema, Doug Whyte, heard about Hong Kong airport’s in-house cinema and thought it would be a good opportunity to bring it to Portland. Thus, he started the Hollywood Cinema PDX, a 17 seat “micro cinema”. Rather than showing new releases, Whyte vowed the PDX cinema would exclusively screen short films by local filmmakers.


It’s also entirely free.

Speaking to AFAR, Whyte wants it to have a drop-in vibe: “The hope is that people will flit in, watch a few short films, then flit out.”

The combined films run for an entirety of one hour and play on a continuous loop for 24 hours a day. Every quarter of the year, they’ll refresh the reel with new material.

The funds for the project were raised over a period of four years and the cinema equipment was donated by a professional projection company. Meaning that the “micro cinema” has the same quality as a big cinema does.


So next time you’re flying out of Portland International Airport, you might want to keep the Hollywood Cinema PDX in mind. Can’t hurt to get there a little early.

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