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There’s A Hidden Room Behind A Bookcase At This Cool Hotel

There’s A Hidden Room Behind A Bookcase At This Cool Hotel

It’s like something out of Bond or Batman film – pull a particular book down from a bookcase and a secret passageway/room/Batcave is revealed. So it’s not that surprising that a hotel in Amsterdam has decided to pull out the best architectural party trick of them all and install a few hidden rooms behind bookshelves.


Hotel not Hotel isn’t your regular accommodation by any means; rooms aren’t just rooms, they’re works of art, creatively designed and placed in an exhibition-like open space.

There’s not a boring room in sight here. Along with the hidden bookcase rooms, there’s also a bed hidden in a replica Amsterdam tram cart, a comfy crow’s nest that rests high above another room, and even a “crisis free zone” – a Transylvanian themed room that supposedly keeps evil spirits out with its rugged wood carved exterior.

There are four secret bookcase rooms which are found in the open lobby-like reading room on the second floor. You can peruse the collection of antique books on the facade but then revel in the hidden doorways which reveal your cosy rooms. The rooms are titled ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’ and ‘XL’ and vary depending on their allotted size – each room is fit with a comfy bed and access to a communal bathroom.


The hotel also boasts a bar called Kevin Bacon, named after the notorious actor who, according to the parlour game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, is the centre of the universe. Hence why they wished to create the bar equivalent of Kevin Bacon – accessible to everyone and up to the challenge of providing a quality time for their guests, no matter where you’re from or what you’re into.


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Prices for Hotel not Hotel start at €70 ($109AUD) per night and include a croissant breakfast.

(All images: Hotel not Hotel)

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