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Check Out This Ridiculously Beautiful Hotel In Ibiza

Check Out This Ridiculously Beautiful Hotel In Ibiza

Hotel Paradiso

Ever wanted to stay in a hotel that looks like an eye-popping mix between a Lichtenstein painting and a packet of hundreds and thousands? Then boy are you in luck, because your extremely specific (and relatable, tbh) fantasy has come true.


The Paradiso Hotel in Ibiza markets itself as an ‘Art Hotel’, and it’s not hard to see why. With its curved, staccato walls and pastel colour scheme, the building looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie.


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But it’s not just the hotel’s exterior that catches the eye. Individual rooms are decked out in striking colours, with aqua walls, bright pink fittings, and retro neon furniture.

Then there’s the pool, which could probably be best described as ‘unique’. Reviving ’80s kitsch in a way that feels cool and fresh, rather than stale and nostalgic, it’s awash in gorgeous pinks and blues.

Imagine if someone transformed a lawn flamingo into something you could swim and sunbathe in, and you’d be pretty close.

The Paradiso Hotel in Ibiza is an Instagrammer's dream
Image: Paradiso Hotel

Oh, and want your bathers to match the pool while you float in it, mimosa in hand? Then you’re in luck: Paradiso have partnered with the ultra-hip Grain clothing brand to produce a line of swimmers specifically designed to match the colour scheme of the hotel.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Paradiso has become a haven for Instagram models and influencers. Irene Noren, acclaimed travel guru, is one of the hotel’s best known patrons, as is international DJ Silvia Superstar.


The Paradiso boasts 16 rooms, a tattoo parlour, and a revolving roster of musical guests performing live in the courtyard. A regular suite, designed for two people, will cost you anywhere from €123 (about AU$194) to €252 (about AU$398).

But hey, as an added bonus, rooms also come with their own Rubik’s cube and Smeg fridge, so you can kick back, relax and pretend the ’80s never ended.

Head to the Paradiso’s website for more.

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(Lead image: Paradiso Hotel / Instagram)

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