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Travel Hack Of The Day: A Headband That Puts You To Sleep

Travel Hack Of The Day: A Headband That Puts You To Sleep

So we’ve already established how to nap anywhere with ease, but what about the actual falling asleep part? When travelling, it’s a little tough trying to block out all the noises of the outside world – whether it be a loud bunkmate at a hostel or a bustling train carriage, nodding off is a lot harder when you’re constantly being woken up by the sounds of the foreign world around you.

Enter Sleepphones – your new handy travelling companion.


Like pyjamas for your ears, Sleepphones are headbands with a built in audio system that helps you drift off to sleep comfortably (not to mention stylishly).

A lot less hassle than bulky noise-cancelling headphones, these badboys fit slim-lined to your head and actively block out any noises from the outside world. You’ll also get to drift off to your fave night time lullabies, whether that’s some atmospheric Sigur Rós or some hardcore Metallica – hey, whatever floats your boat!


Check out your new fave travel accessory here. There’s even some sporty ones that come in a moisture absorbent headband – handy.

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