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This ‘Ground Scraper’ Hotel In China Goes 88 Metres Below Ground Level

This ‘Ground Scraper’ Hotel In China Goes 88 Metres Below Ground Level

Shanghai is usually known for it’s towering skyscrapers, with the 128-floor Shanghai Tower being the second largest in the world. But the Chinese city has taken things to a whole new level (literally!), becoming home to the world’s first ground-scraper hotel.


The new, 18-storey Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland plunges 88 metres into an old, abandoned quarry, featuring two levels of underground suites with views of massive aquariums. For those “settling” for above-ground rooms,  they still boast rather spectacular views of an man-made waterfall.

Image: Facebook / InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Also known as Shimao Quarry Hotel, the luxury resort has been 12 years in the making, with construction involving more than 5000 engineers, designers, architects and construction workers. Located 30 kilometres from Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport in the Sheshan Mountain Range, the decadent hotel also offers adventurous activities like climbing and bungee jumping. The quarry itself has been around since World War II, but hasn’t been used since 2000.

ground scraper hotel
Image: Facebook / InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Unsurprisingly, living luxe under the sea doesn’t come cheap. Rooms at the hotel start from $668 a night, but the underwater suites will set you back at least $14,000. But don’t worry, even if you can’t shell out a small fortune to stay at the hotel, you can still go underground a little closer to home at Cooper Pedy in South Australia.

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(All images: Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland)

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