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There’s A Cool New Way For Tourists To See Amsterdam

There’s A Cool New Way For Tourists To See Amsterdam

Amsterdam is arguably the bike capital of the world, with over 500,000 commuters choosing to ride on two wheels every day. These Dutch folk know how to cycle in style, and bike culture is huge there.

Around 60% of all trips are made by cycling, so to experience the real atmosphere of the city you’ve gotta hop on a bike. Rather than hire a bike for your stay, try a new hitchhiking system called Yellow Backie.

It’s customary in the city of cycling to catch a ride on the rear luggage rack of a pal’s bike. This is known as catching a “backie”. It’s a far roomier transport mode than an Aussie dink. No handlebar wedgies here, thank you.

Thanks to this new system, travellers can now get among this tradition by hailing down a local cyclist and catching a “backie” of their own. In perfect old school style, no app or logins are needed to use this system. Plus, it’s totally free. Just keep your eyes out for a yellow luggage rack, shout out “backie!” and you’re good to go.


This hook up is an easy way to meet locals and spark up a conversation, while you both whisk through cobbled streets and canal footpaths in true Dutch fashion.

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(Images: Yellow Backie/Twitter)

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