The World’s Largest Indoor Light Display Is About To Open In Singapore

The surefire sign that the holidays are on their way is the day the Chrissie lights go up.

But while you stand there chuffed with your light-up Santa display, Universal Studios Singapore have just gone and one-upped you (and everyone else on the planet). They’ve just unveiled the world’s largest indoor light display – and it looks incredible.


If you think we’re exaggerating with that accolade there, think again. The epic display of colour and pizzazz was unveiled as part of the 12th annual Guinness World Records Day, which is a thing we definitely did not know existed.


With a total of 824,961 bulbs, the attraction broke the World Record for the largest indoor light display, featuring eight differently-themed zones, including an enchanted pine forest and another decorated with oversized and glittering Christmas presents.


According to the resort, the record-breaking attraction took two months to construct, with the result set to lead visitors “on an adventure through the universe, traversing wormholes and time warp tunnels to other worldly locations and eventually arriving on Earth.” Coooool.

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The light display will be the centrepiece of Universal Studios Singapore’s annual Christmas celebration, Santa’s All-Star Christmas, which is scheduled to run from December 1 to January 2.

(All images: Resorts World Sentosa)

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