Japan’s Found A Solution To Sleeping In Airports, Because Of Course It Has

Leaders in technology, experts in small-space solutions, bastions of common sense, Japan has invented a cute and compact solution for those facing long layovers in its airports.

The country that popularised the practical capsule hotel has decided to use the same design for their airports, and these temporary sleeping stations are just what every weary traveller needs.

9 Hours is a hotel located in the terminals at Narita Airport, and it’s decked out with rows of sleeping capsules, locker rooms, showers and a lounge. One night will only set you back around $70AUD but to be fair, getting a good sleep in while you’re travelling is priceless.


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On checking in, guests receive a locker key, towel, lounge wear and their own tiny room with accordion doors. It’s simple and sans-frills, but it does the trick. Personally, we’d love to see this replicated in every airport around the world for when the uncomfortable boarding gate seats just don’t cut it. 


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