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The World’s Largest Bike Park Has Just Opened In A Huge Cave

The World’s Largest Bike Park Has Just Opened In A Huge Cave

The Louisville Mega Cavern is amazingly the largest building in Kentucky. It’s a venue built in what is left of an abandoned limestone mine 30 metres below the surface of Louisville. Originally a fall-out shelter for the Cuban Missile Crisis, it’s now been transformed into a pretty amazing adventure cave, and it’s just opened an awesome new attraction – the Mega Underground Bike Park is not only the world’s largest indoor bike park, it is also the world’s only subterranean dirt biking track.



For just $31AUD, guests can spend a half-day zipping around the 3000 square metre bike park on more than 45 trails, including jump lines, pump tracks, dual slaloms, BMX trails, cross country trails and single tracks. Since it’s underground, the bike park maintains a constant climate all year round – always warm and dry, with not mud, heat, rain or snow to worry about.


If dirt-biking isn’t really your thing, the Mega Cavern also offers zip lines, a ropes course and event space for functions – activities which all seem even more exciting when you’re doing them in a giant underground cave.

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 (Images: Louisville Mega Cavern)

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