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The Tropical Paradise Of Your Dreams Is Coming To Wintery London

The Tropical Paradise Of Your Dreams Is Coming To Wintery London

So what if we told you there might soon be a way to dive head first into a beautiful and warm tropical paradise smack bang in the middle of the UK? No, we’re not talking about a cheeky dip in the Thames, this is something totally better. While London has become known for its surprise heat waves, it’s pretty cold and wet for about 90 per cent of the year – which means Londoners have often had to come up with new and innovative ways to have fun indoors.

Say hello to a brand new venture called Summerland. Some geniuses are building a hyper-realistic beach on a film set in London that will legitimately make you feel like you’ve jetted off to the Caribbean for a few hours. This indoor haven will include white sand beaches, an immersive jungle, a gushing waterfall, and a few hot tubs – perfect for that quick weekend getaway in the middle of winter.


Punters will check in at the ‘departure lounge’, before heading inside this hidden wonderland. Set to open at the start of 2016, Summerland promises a giant world ready for exploring, relaxing and a whole lot of dancing. Enjoy a drink at the a secret bar underneath the waterfall while a DJ mixes tracks from its peak.


Entering the film set of Summerland is pretty otherworldly – for one, a normal eight hour day is condensed into a four hour “show” where crew members control all lights and weather inside the hub. At Summerland you’ll enjoy a giant compact world where the weather is temperate and warm, you can chill out on an (artificial) beach while catching some perfectly safe UV rays (which are created by giant light bulbs in the fake sky). Perfect holiday? We think so too.

This trippy trick will probably mess with your brain a little, but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems. It’s kind of like in The Truman Show, where Jim Carrey’s character was unknowingly living in a completely fabricated TV set – except in this case, you can actually leave the bubble.


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The mastermind of this immersive event is Deborah Armstrong, who you may know as the brains behind the dystopian Shangri-La stage at Glastonbury each year. A fan of theatrics and unforgettable experiences, Armstrong promises an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience for all festival goers. Check out the hype video below.

To find out more about Summerland, check out their crowdfunding page here. Investing could even guarantee you sponsorship of one of Summerland’s rainforests. So cool .. or warm.

Summerland Seedrs Equity Crowdfunding Video from Summerland on Vimeo.

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