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An Elephant Has Emerged From A Cliff Face In Iceland

An Elephant Has Emerged From A Cliff Face In Iceland

As it turns out, the world is rife with instances of nature playing tricks on us. Lakes can hang over cliffswaterfalls can fall horizontally and staircases can look like they’ve been carved by giants. Lots of awesome natural wonders proving that the world is as mysterious as it is magical.

One such wonder is found on the Icelandic island of Heimaey where apparently, a wild elephant has found a home for himself.


So, okay, it’s not a real elephant. In fact, it’s a cliff face that has naturally formed over time and now bears a striking resemblance to the head of an elephant.

As you can see, the elephant’s trunk looks as though it dips straight into the water, along with deep hooded lids forming pretty convincing eyes. As well as its shape, the rock’s texture and colour also do a stand up job of making this elephant look real.


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Photo: Michael Clarke/Flickr

Ugh, nature is so amazing.

(Lead image: Diego Delso/Flickr)

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