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The National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest Is Now Open

The National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest Is Now Open

It’s that time of year again – the National Geographic Photo Contest are now accepting entries for this year’s competition, and the prizes are off the hook.

Last year there were over 9,200 entries submitted from over 150 countries and saw the winner Brian Ye, with his stunning photo from Hong Kong, take home $10,000, a trip to National Geographic HQ, and the title of overall Grand Prize winner for 2014.

Like previous years, the categories for submitted photos are People, Places and Nature, with the winner of each category awarded a prize. Submitted images have started filtering through the National Geographic website, and they’re already amazing. Check out some of the early entries below.



A floating whale captured by Gaby Barathieu during a close encounter.


An electric volcanic eruption of the Calbuco Volcano in Santiago, Chile from Francisco Negroni.



Quỳnh Anh Nguyen has captured people crossing the terrace rice paddies in the Yen Bai province in northern Vietnam.


A peaceful time in Ben Youssef in Marrakesh, taken by Takashi Nakagawa.


Born in 1991 with significant disabilities in all four limbs, Ahmed Kelly was left at a Baghdad orphanage where he spent the majority of the first seven years of his life. He was adopted by an Australian woman, Moira Kelly, and now lives and in Melbourne. Ahmed finished forth in the London 2012 Paralympic Games for 50m Breaststroke, and is in great shape to win a medal in twelve months when the Paralympics start in Rio, Brazil. Picture: Alex Coppel.

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Alex Coppel has captured Australian athlete and paralympian Ahmed Kelly training in Melbourne.

A young Daasanach fisherman guts and cleans a fish on the Eastern shore of Lake Turkana near the boarder of Ethiopia and Kenya. The Daasanach are Kenya's second smallest tribe with between 60,000-80,000 members. They are traditionally nomadic, roaming between the two countries although with continued drought over the last 20 years about 30% have looked to the lake for food and income in fishing.

A young Daasanach fisherman guts and cleans a fish near the border of Ethiopia and Kenya, submitted by Christena Dowsett.

Dust off that lens and get snapping – your picture could be the winner.

For more information on the competition, and how to enter, head here.

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