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You Can Hire Out This Bondi Restaurant & Bar For Your State-Approved Party Of 10

You Can Hire Out This Bondi Restaurant & Bar For Your State-Approved Party Of 10

The excitement over easing of lockdown restrictions is actually palpable. I’m checking new announcements with more anticipation than all my Christmases combined.

In New South Wales, we’ll soon be able to have a full five visitors to our homes, and 10 people will be allowed in cafes and restaurants at one time (all while being sensible with your hygiene and distancing, of course).

The Corner House, an Italian restaurant and bar in Bondi, has noticed one little loophole there and are kindly offering their services to fill it: you can hang with 10 of your mates, as long as it’s in a restaurant or cafe.

So The Corner House will be renting itself out for private parties of 10, and I am obsessed. Honestly, fingers crossed this becomes a trend because how fun would it be!

From Friday, May 15, they’ll be opening their doors to three ‘rent your own bar’ experiences per week. You can book for Friday or Saturday nights from 7-11pm, or (my personal favourite Aussie pastime) a Sunday Sesh between 4 and 8pm.

You and your mates pay $100 each to make up the $1000 bar tab that’ll be paid in advance, then turn up at your allotted party time and head to your private upstairs bar.

You’ll get your own bartender (hello, no waiting in line) and access to their full range of alcohol. On the food side, you’ll be able to indulge in unlimited woodfire pizzas (this alone would excite me) and a few cheese and meat boards.

Yes, there is also a dance floor and you get to control the music — no begging the DJ. Maybe it’s just me, but I actually always love the club a little more when I’m part of the only group in there. Maybe it’s just my long reach and wild dance moves? But also 10 people seems like a HUGE crowd to me now that I’ve adjusted to being stuck at home.

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Interested? Of COURSE you are.

Contact The Corner House directly via [email protected] or through their Instagram page to express your interest. And probably do it quickly, seeing as there are only three spots a week. Then send me an invite. Ok? Thanks.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @thecornerhousebondi)

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