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Coles Has Launched A “Self-Serve Doggy Treat Bar” So You Can Level-Up Your Pup’s Snack Game

Coles Has Launched A “Self-Serve Doggy Treat Bar” So You Can Level-Up Your Pup’s Snack Game

Coles Is Launching A "Self-Serve Dog Treats Bar" To Pamper Your Pooch

Our dogs deserve the world, and the best thing we can hope to achieve as humans is to give them everything (and more). Which is exactly what you can do thanks to Coles’ new self-serve dog treat bar.

Think of the supermarket’s pick-n-mix nuts and replace everything with doggy delicacies like “bones, kangaroo tails and chicken bites”.

The self-serve dog treat bar was first trialled at Coles supermarkets in St Kilda and Hawthorn and was so popular that it’s being rolled out nationally in the next few weeks.

While the full list of treats for the rest of the stores hasn’t been confirmed, peeking at the trial stores gives a few clues. Particularly exciting is the fact the self-serve dog treat bar at Hawthorn offers frozen pet food ice cream.

Finally, your pooch can join in when you demolish a tub of ice cream on the couch on a Friday night.

Coles has also announced that it will be stocking a wider variety of pet food, introducing more than 60 new and exclusive products for dogs and cats.

It’s also launching Coles Pet Insurance, which is good news for anyone who’s taken the opportunity to adopt a new furry friend during iso.

“We want to help Australians lead healthier and happier lives, and the same goes for their fur babies who are a huge part of the family and have never been more important in keeping us company and enriching our lives than they are right now,” said Coles’ Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson.

Keep an eye out in your local Coles for the arrival of a self-serve dog treat bar. I don’t have to tell you what to do next, but I’m going to anyway — pamper the hell out of your pup. As if you needed me to tell you to do that.

I’m just going to be over here, looking through the RSPCA adoption pages and living for the day I can see my friend’s dog again.

(Lead image: Bianca Ackermann / Unsplash)

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