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Grab The Microwave Popcorn Because This Melbourne Bar Has Brought Blockbuster Back

Grab The Microwave Popcorn Because This Melbourne Bar Has Brought Blockbuster Back

Not to trash talk Netflix (I would never!) but spending twenty minutes aimlessly browsing your local Blockbuster store was a time honoured tradition of bored kids. And now, Royal Stacks in Melbourne has brought that back.

I’m sure you remember the rush of finally picking a movie to rent, then raiding the candy selection to stock up on your movie night treats.

Blockbuster is gone now (RIP), but because time is meaningless in 2020, a brand-new store has opened its doors in Melbourne’s CBD.


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Royal Stacks burger bar has turned part of its shop on Collins Street into an old-school Blockbuster. The idea is that while you wait on your takeaway order you can indulge your nostalgia and browse the collection of movies on offer.

There’s even a candy bar selling old-school treats like bags of Fantales, Maltesers and snake lollies.

“The Blockbuster set up is to recreate that old school Friday night takeaway feeling, walk through the aisles and think about what you’re watching that night while you wait for your takeaway,” Royal Stacks owner Dani told The Urban List.

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“There was something different and more tangible about selecting your movie and holding it physically as opposed to streaming.”

There are all the usual movie genres to pick from, but the Royal Stacks team have also curated a category called The Rewatchables. Here, you’ll find those movies that you can watch over and over without ever getting bored. Think 10 Things I Hate About YouStep Brothers, and Mean Girls-level rewatchable.

DVDs cost $10 and there are more than 2000 available. The proceeds go towards helping Royal Stacks employees with temporary visas who might be struggling financially because of the COVID-19 restrictions.

One key difference between this and the OG Blockbusters is that the movies are available to buy — no need to “be kind, rewind” here.

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