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We’ve Found The Coolest Hotel In The World: Amangiri

We’ve Found The Coolest Hotel In The World: Amangiri

Look; we know it’s a big call, but we’re standing by it. The Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah is actually the coolest hotel we’ve ever laid eyes on. Don’t believe us? Just look.


Built into the surrounding landscape, Amangiri is how desert living should be done. This slice of luxury puts you right in the heart of Utah’s desert plains where you can soak up all of the peaceful surrounding beauty, even while you sleep. Outdoor living is their trademark – just look at these cosy outdoor beds.

Doze. Stargaze. Whatever.

Everything is perfect. Everything.


Seriously, what a dream. Did we mention every room at the Amangiri has their own private plunge pool? And their own outdoor terrace with lounges and a fireplace from the future?

Literally put us here right now.

While it may look remote, Amangiri is only a 20 minutes drive from Lake Powell, and a four hour drive from Las Vegas. Start saving your pennies, prices for Amangiri start at $1523USD ($2145AUD) per night.

(All images: Amangiri Resort)

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