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The Best 50 Burgers In Australia Have Been Named

The Best 50 Burgers In Australia Have Been Named

We’ve come a long way from the two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun you grew up on. These days Aussie burgers are filled with high-end delicacies like white truffles, free-range bacon, gluten free buns and even a glazed donut thrown in for good measure.

But where’s the best? Everyone has an opinion, so luckily Yelp have done the hard yards and filtered through a few thousand reviews on their site to determine where in fact you can find the best burger in Australia. Impressively, Victoria come out as the reigning champion of good burgers with a total of 14 burger joints making the esteemed list. New South Wales came in second with 10, with SA and WA coming in with eight and seven, respectively.


The number one burger joint in Australia? Footscray institution 8Bit burgers in Melbourne. The tiny hideaway in Melbourne’s western suburbs delivers tasty burgers and over-the-top creamy milkshakes to a whole lot of giddy burger fans. And it’s not hard to see why…

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(Photo: 8Bit/Facebook)

Remarkably, the number 10 spot was taken out by a vegie burger – blasphemy, we know – from Vego n Lovin It in South Australia. Their cheap, tasty and vegan friendly burgers are a hit at this Adelaide CBD haunt, but it remains to be seen whether classic burger lovers would go out of their way to inhale this herbivorian wonder .

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