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Get Ready To Smash Some Burgs At This Huge Sydney Burger Expo

Get Ready To Smash Some Burgs At This Huge Sydney Burger Expo

The Burger Expo: A Event Dedicated To Burgers Is Coming To Sydney

I would sell my first born to get my hands on a sweet, juicy burger. Obviously I should never have kids, but equally obvious is the fact that burger lovers like me are going to flock to The Burger Expo, a huge event dedicated to the food of the gods that’s hitting Sydney this month.

Mark August 11 in your calendars and plan your meal prep accordingly, because that’s the day when some of Australia’s best burgs are going to be in the same wonderful, greasy, delicious place for the taking.


Sydney’s Loaded by Bar Luca, Burger Head, Happy Endings and Burger Point will be there slinging their heavenly creations. They’ll be joined by Monroe’s Burgers and Beers from Melbourne and Mondaze from Brisbane.


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The event is being hosted by The Burger Collective, an Australian app that helps devotees find the best burgers around the country. It’ll be headlined by Alvin Cailan from Eggslut, a wildly popular burger chain in the United States that specialises in burgers that heavily feature, you guessed it, eggs.


Alvin will be creating one of Eggslut’s signature burgers for the event, giving everyone in Aus a one-off chance to get our hands on the famous burg.

As a palette cleanser of sorts, there’ll be gelato burgers from Sydney’s own Cremeria de Luca, and Tabasco will be there to pair your burgs with hot sauces.


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Round it off with a couple of gaming areas where you can play PS4 and barefoot lawn bowls, and live music with special guests to be announced soon, and you’ve got yourself one tasty day.

The Burger Expo is going down at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park. Tickets for the lunch and evening sessions are now on sale, and start at $6. For that kind of loose change, don’t mind if I dollary-do.

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(Lead image: Burger Head / Jason Denison)

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