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The 9 Best Plane Songs According To World’s End Press

The 9 Best Plane Songs According To World’s End Press

World’s End Press have just dropped their brand new EP Tall Stories, another taste of the Melbourne trio’s dance floor tunes that seem to be the perfect soundtrack to any late-night limb shaking. Following its release, the gang will also be headed off on five date tour across the country.

Because they’re experts at all things grooving and moving (and regularly on tour), we asked singer and guitarist John Parkinson to share his top tracks to listen to while in the sky.

 #1 Miles Davis – ‘In a Silent Way/It’s About That Time/In a Silent Way’

I woke up to this looping on my headphones on a plane and I remember thinking in a dopey state it was the loveliest music I’d ever heard.  It’s also really nice to listen to when cooking dinner.

#2 Gary Numan – ‘On Broadway’

The arp synthesizer solo at the end of this cover version is massive! I’m sure it has made a lot of Greatest-Synth-Solos-Of-All-Time lists in reputable magazines.

#3 Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4 ‘Quiet Nervousness’

Considering that Manuel Gottsching recorded this whole album for himself as something to listen to on plane trips whilst touring with Ash Ra Tempel, it shows the best kinds of music are often made with the humblest of intentions.

#4 Icehouse – ‘Great Southern Land’

Best heard as you wind your way down to the Sydney International Airport landing strip sipping a black coffee and nibbling on a complimentary cookie.

#5 David Bowie – ‘V2 Schneider’

The most exciting moment in David Bowie’s career (for me) is when he started wearing t-shirts and sneakers and hanging out with Iggy Pop and Brian Eno in Berlin. This is a brilliant moment just before things start to get really strung out on Heroes.

#6 Brian Eno – ‘Music For Airports 1/1’

Airports, I have come to discover, aren’t the soft focused paradise that this music would have you believe.

#7 Harald Grosskopf – ‘So Weit So Gut’

I listened to his album The Synthesist once walking around Asakusa, Tokyo on my own at night.  Possibly my favourite ever headphone moment… and I have many.

#8 Morrissey – ‘Suedehead’

Morrissey is the bees knees, baby. I include this as plane-soundtracking music because of the happy memory I have as an 18-year-old touching down in Europe with this on.

#9 Alan Parsons Project – ‘IRobot’ (Pilooski edit)

Such a great expansive tune from a great prog band – this is Pilooski’s awesome re-edit of it. I was just at Charles De Gaulle airport last year and had a feeling I was looking at something very familiar and it was the same futuristic looking structure photographed for the LP cover.

World’s End Press’ brand new EP Tall Stories is out now. The boys will head off on a country-wide tour next month starting at Perth’s Jack Rabbit Slims on October 3. For more info on the tour and to pre-order the EP, head to their website here

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