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Weekday Wanderlust: A Cabin In The Woods

Weekday Wanderlust: A Cabin In The Woods

Have you been staring at your computer screen for the last 30 minutes trying to turn that spreadsheet into a white sandy beach? Or maybe you’re dreaming of an adventure holiday in a far-off place when you really should be ploughing through that mound of work piling up on your desk? Don’t worry, AWOL understands. It’s why every afternoon we’ll be sending you some travel inspiration – from a beautiful image on Flickr to a #nofilter stunner from Instagram. We’re calling this series “Weekday Wanderlust”, and who knows? Maybe our daily missive will help you make those travel dreams a reality.

This is not so secretly our dream getaway spot – a cosy, warm cabin right in the middle of a forest. @bdorts has captured a pretty nifty one in the US and we’re totally on board.

House goals. Image by one of our favourites @bdorts. #goneAWOL.

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