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The 8 Best Rooftop Bars In Perth

The 8 Best Rooftop Bars In Perth

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Locals love rooftop bars in Perth. And why wouldn’t they, with near-constant sunshine and love of the outdoors (and, ahem, booze)?

Here are eight of the best rooftop bars in Perth, so you can soak up some vitamin D while you throw down some cocktails. You’re most welcome.


#1 Mechanic’s Institute Bar

Nestled amongst Northbridge’s heritage rooftops, Australian Bartender Magazine once voted the Mechanic’s Institute Bar the best in all the land – not bad, Perth! There are plenty of reasons why it scooped the honours – stellar service, bang-on value, clever drinks – but our personal fave is the Epic Bloody Mary, which comes garnished with a cheeseburger. It’s our pick of the rooftop bars in Perth.

Speaking of burgers, you can order a Flipside burger and chips from downstairs to be delivered to the top. Now that’s our kind of cocktail bar!

Where: 222 William St, Northbridge

#2 The Standard

After a decent meal instead of meagre bar food? Make a beeline for The Standard, where your typical bar menu gets a serious upgrade. Chef Chase Weber, formerly of restaurant No. 4 Blake Street, offers up things like glazed pork, seafood charcuterie and fava chips.

The outside bar is cheery and colourful, mounted atop a converted shipping container, with leafy foliage, wooden decks and views out to the city skyline. Pair your meal with a jug of Pimms or a cocktail carafe. Our top pick is the Thyme Machine, a zesty vodka tonic with pear liqueur, thyme and ginger beer.

Where: 28 Roe Street, Northbridge

#3 The Sherry at The Flour Factory

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Carnivores, listen up. The Flour Factory, on which The Sherry Sits, dishes up epic meat dishes like black pudding, duck terrine and house-smoked maple bacon.

The Sherry itself is tiny but lively and bright, with a yellow neon-lit sign and vertical gardens. There’s a concise menu of fortified wine cocktails and share drinks, but the best is their frothy, easy-drinking signature, The Sherry, made with fino, Bacardi, spiced-apple syrup and citrus bitters. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a venue more relaxed among rooftop bars in Perth.

You’ll never associate sherry with your nan again.

Where: 16 Queen Street, Perth

#4 Sweetwater Bar

Rooftop bars in Perth
Image: Sweetwater Rooftop Bar

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar isn’t in the CBD, sure, but it’s close. With views over the Swan River, Freo Port and the Indian Ocean you won’t know where to look.

A classy, trendy crowd fills this sophisticated haunt, which serves up crafty cocktails and no-nonsense wine. The food is Asian-inspired hawker-style street market fare.

Sit back in the lush armchairs and survey your kingdom.

Where: Level 6, 1 Silas Street, East Fremantle

#5 Bob’s Bar

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Named for former PM Bob Hawke, who is well known for having a laugh, Bob’s Bar doesn’t take itself too seriously. Perched atop the multi-level Print Hall, a former newspaper house, you’ll have to climb two sets of newspaper-lined stairs to get there, but the trek is well worth it.

The extensive menu has an awesome selection of American craft beer, tequila cocktails and vermouths – and pretty much everything else you could possibly think of. On warm days, the watermelon white wine sangria is a must.

Where: 12 St George’s Terrace, Perth

#6 The Terrace at Connections Nightclub

Gay club Connections might just be the funnest nightspot in Perth, with feel-good DJs, wild themes, and absolutely zilch dress code. Rooftop area The Terrace, with panoramic views of the CBD, is the perfect spot to regroup as you wipe beads of sweat off your forehead.

Where: 81 James Street, Northbridge

#7 The Subiaco Hotel

Nobody could accuse the Subiaco Hotel of being flavour-of-the-month – it’s been around since the 1800s! A recent (and very expensive) renovation has kept it current, and its top level bar gets top billing for cute potted flowers and retractable glass roof. Its one of the very best rooftop bars in Perth.

Just don’t come here if you’re looking for greasy pub grub. The menu’s filled with stuff like chicken liver parfait and pork belly served with caramelised apple.

Where: 465 Hay Street, Subaico

#8 The Nest at The Aviary

Slick multi-level bar The Aviary sees suits and stilettos flocking upstairs for drinks at The Nest, a super-bright rooftop bar carpeted with astroturf. Get a fruity cocktail to match the cheerful vibe, like a pitcher of the Island Punch made from Bacardi, almond syrup, mango and citrus bitters. And if you have a little too much, don’t stress – the train is just steps away.

The Nest often features pumping DJs at the decks, but keep an eye out for The Rooftop Sessions, with acts organised by events crew Jumpclimb.

(Lead image: The Aviary / Facebook)

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