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The 10 Cheapest Cities To Visit

The 10 Cheapest Cities To Visit

Looking for a budget holiday? Good news, the research has been done for you.

Swiss financial company UBS has released data that reveals the cheapest and most expensive cities to travel to in the world. The average price in each city surveyed calculates accommodation, meals, transport and other essentials for two travellers.

So, what’s the verdict? The eastern European city of Bucharest – Romania’s capital – has come out as the cheapest capital to visit, with a night’s stay costing $340AUD for two people with the aforementioned provisions. With its famous vintage trains, mishmash of Euro-architecture and fantastic bars and cafes, it’s a wonder more travellers aren’t venturing east to Bucharest.

Photo: Ștefan Jurcă/Flickr

Other European cities to crack the top ten were Sofia in Bulgaria, which will set you and a mate back $390 per night, and Vilnius in Lithuania and Budapest in Hungary which both come to less that $500AUD per night.

Closer to home for Aussie travellers, there are a number of locations in Asia which the data tells us wont break the bank. Mumbai and New Delhi in India both cracked the top ten, while Thailand’s capital Bangkok and Beijing in China all proved to be affordable at under $450AUD per night for two people.

Where should those with a little extra cash to splash be going for a more luxurious vacay? One of the world’s most liveable cities and Switzerland’s capital, Zurich, takes out the prize for the most expensive city to travel to, at $1370AUD per night for two. New York, Geneva, Tokyo and Oslo all rounded out the top five priciest places, with each city averaging over $1000AUD per night.

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If you’re you’re on a budget but itching to travel, consider some of the following cities:

#1 Bucharest, Romania
#2 Mumbai, India
#3 Sofia, Bulgaria
#4 Bangkok, Thailand
#5 New Delhi, India
#6 Beijing, China
#7 Nairobi, Kenya
#8 Vilnius, Lithuania
#9 Budapest, Hungary
#10 Istanbul, Turkey

(h/t: Fortune. Lead image: Ștefan Jurcă/Flickr)

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