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These Are The World’s 10 Best Countries For Adventure Travel

These Are The World’s 10 Best Countries For Adventure Travel

The Adventure Travel Trade Association has released the top ten countries to venture to if you’re looking for an adrenaline-inducing vacation. The ADTTA ranks adventure-friendly countries against criteria like cultural resources, tourism infrastructure, and safety, among other things.

The existence of national parks and world heritage sites were deciding factors, as well as which nature-based activities were on offer in each respective country. The study also revealed that infrastructure – particularly things that tempt adventure travellers like availability of trail maps, eco-lodges and access to trained guides – was of the highest importance.

So who came out on top? Why, the trendiest travel destination in the world, that’s who. As well as being almost unfairly beautiful, Iceland is apparently an extreme sporting heaven, with excellent access and facilities for mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snorkelling, deep sea diving, river rafting, bungee jumping, and more. Choose your own adventure, and it probably exists in Iceland.

Ice pickin’ in Iceland

Regardless of what time of year you travel, you’re likely to find an outdoor activity to get your heart racing. In fact, just 30 minutes outside of Reykjavik you can descend into an actual volcano.


Other top contenders were Germany, Norway and Switzerland meaning that some of the happiest countries in the world are also the most extreme – coincidence? You decide. Australia cracked the top ten, coming in at number seven, but our friendly neighbours in New Zealand beat us by a long shot, taking out the number three spot.

Check out the full list below:

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#1 Iceland
#2 Germany
#3 New Zealand
#4 Norway
#5 Switzerland
#6 Canada
#7 Australia
#8 Finland
#9 Austria
#10 Denmark


(Lead image: Julian Apse/100% Pure New Zealand)

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