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We’ve Found The World’s Coolest Outdoor Cinema

We’ve Found The World’s Coolest Outdoor Cinema

Well this certainly beats watching a pay-per-view movie alone in your hotel room. This totally immersive and fun cinema experience comes to you from the tiny Thai island of Ko Kut, off the coast of Cambodia.


The resort, Soneva Kiri, set up this outdoor cinema for holiday goers who wanted some relaxing after hours fun. Cinema Paradiso plays a different movie every night, ranging from old school classics to newer blockbusters.


You’re treated to amphitheatre-style raised seating that overlooks the large lagoon that cuts through the resort – the giant screen opposite you nicely contrasts the rainforest surrounds while you sit back and enjoy the film on comfy cushions and beds, surrounded by fairy lights. It’s all pretty magical.


The best part? You won’t have to deal with bogus movie treats either – Cinema Paradiso host a menu of gourmet comfort foods and tasty cocktails for your cinema experience.


Oh an did we mention how cool the rest of this hotel is? Soneva Kiri is a hub for adventurous activity, with the stunning Koh Kood rainforest right at your doorstep. The hotel offers eco-chic accommodation at its finest – there’s poolside villas, daytime excursions, a chocolate shop, yoga classes and heaps more on offer. It will definitely be hard to leave this place.

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Sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy Casablanca the way it was always meant to be seen.

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(All images: Soneva Kiri / Facebook)

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