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Japan’s Osaka River Has Been Turned Into A Giant Sushi Train

Japan’s Osaka River Has Been Turned Into A Giant Sushi Train

If you stumbled upon Osaka’s famed Dōtonbori Canal in the past few days, you may have spotted something a little odd floating along the river, and no, it’s not a fish… well actually, yes! It’s kinda fish. There’s a giant sushi train rolling down Japan’s Osaka River, because of course there is.

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Fancy a plate of sashimi? Or one of those little parcels with a slice of fried egg on top? You can have all that and more with a brand new art installation travelling down Osaka river’s canals called Rolling Sushii, and it’s all for a pretty fun cause – The Osaka Canvas Project

Artists and performers are honouring the city’s vibrant culture throughout the month of October through interactive art installations and outdoor performances all across Osaka. Rolling Sushii is just one of the installations that will be rolling down the Tombori Riverwalk on select weekends in October.

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Osaka is commonly known as the foodie capital of Japan – it was commonly called tenka no daidokoro, which means ‘The Nation’s Kitchen’, as it was a hub of rice trading through the 19th century. It was also the home of the world’s first conveyor belt sushi train, so it makes complete sense that this particular piece of art would be parading down a river in the gastronomical capital of Japan.


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Yet another occasion when we can safely say – only in Japan.

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