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Take A Dive Into 8 Of The Coolest Pools Of 2015

Take A Dive Into 8 Of The Coolest Pools Of 2015

After what felt like a millennium of cold, summer is finally here – and with summer comes warmer weather (supposedly) and with warmer weather comes pools. Lots and lots of swimming pools to dive into and relieve yourself from that scorching heat out there – and because it’s the end of the year, we decided to look back at some of our favourite cool pools that opened this year to get you in the summer mood.


#1 An old favourite, revamped

(Photo: The Old Clare Hotel/Facebook)

We’ve sung the praises of Sydney’s (new) Old Clare Hotel before, but it’s time to talk about their newly opened rooftop pool. This blue-collar-pub-turned-uni-bar has undergone a huge facelift and revamped itself as Chippendale’s newest boutique hotel and they’ve got a sweet-as pool to match. Perfect for anyone in need of a cheeky dip or a cocktail after a hard day at work, the pool has just been opened to the public and is a our pick for where to go to beat that Sydney heat. Just remember to pack your swimmers under your work clothes and you’ll be set.

#2 The pool of your dreams


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just a 25-metre sky pool in London. Yep, this ten-storey high “sky pool” is what dreams are made of – designed by London architects HAL, the glass-bottomed pool will be suspended between two apartment buildings on the south bank of the Thames. You’ll have to wait for 2017 for this bad boy to officially open (it’s currently in the second stage of development) and keep in mind, it’s probably only going to be for residents, so you know what that means? Time to get that visa and invest in one of those apartments. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on.


#3 A natural hot tub for two

(Photo: Geotravel Iceland)

Iceland is on some sort of mission to prove it’s the coolest and most attractive country in the world – and it’s totally working. A natural hot springs has emerged in the aftermath of last year’s huge volcanic eruption in northern Iceland. A large body of water north of the volcano’s lava field recently began exhibiting temperatures of around 35 to 49 degrees, making a perfect bathing spot for brave Icelandic travellers. The pool, which hasn’t been given a name just yet, covers about 500 square metres and is yet another reason we need to get ourselves to Iceland ASAP.


#4 Barcelona’s rooftop gem

(Photo: Yurrban Trafalgar Hotel)

City chic has hit Barcelona with the Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel‘s rooftop gem. Overlooking the colourful and lively city, this pool certainly packs a punch – you get glorious mountain views and a look at the sprawling city life below you. This has got to be the vest view in the city – well, maybe aside from the Sagrada Família which, luckily, is only footsteps away.

#5 The ultimate view

(Photo: Hotel Villa Honegg)

So the outdoor pool at the Hotel Villa Honegg in Switzerland technically opened late last year but we couldn’t resist including this little slice of heaven on our list. We’re talking ridiculous mountain views of picture-perfect Lucerne and an epic infinity pool to boot – there’s even a hot tub in the pool, is there anything cooler?

#6 Can you see Mt. Fuji?

(Photo: Aman Tokyo/Facebook)

Sitting 38 floors above Tokyo’s bustling city is the modernist Aman Tokyo. It’s been said that on a clear day you can spy Mt. Fuji from this pool’s window. Now that’s what you call a room with a view!

#7 The thermal spring pool

(Photo: Gainsborough Bath Spa)

With a town as rich in history as the English city of Bath, it’s pretty unconventional to find something new popping up in 2015. The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel was built around the city’s infamous hot spring baths, from which the town got its name, and are steeped in urban legend. If you’re up for a long hot mineral soak, with a little history on the side, this place is just for you.

#8 The rainbow room

(Photo: Chalet Husky)

You can find this rainbow wonderland at a private ski chalet in the picturesque town of Val d’Isère in southeastern France. The Chalet Husky can sleep up to 14 people and included in the price you get a private chef, nanny, driver service and access to a games room (which includes indoor climbing, archery and rifle-shooting) as well as the grand wellness area. The wellness area includes this multi-coloured swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna and massage rooms. Is this paradise?

(Lead image: Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel)

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