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Taco Pizza Is A Real Thing That Exists In Your High-Calorie Dreams

Taco Pizza Is A Real Thing That Exists In Your High-Calorie Dreams

Move over pie crust pizzas, pizzas topped with more pizza and pizza hamburgers, Italian fast food’s greatest export just got even more extreme: welcome to the taco pizza.

Yes, you read that right. Before we go any further, check out this ridiculous Frankenstein of a meal:

Photo: Tony Baloney’s/Facebook

As you might expect, this high-calorie monster was created in the US, at Tony Baloney’s in Atlantic City, New Jersey. If pepperoni, mozzarella and mushrooms are your preferred pizza toppings, how does 24 tacos and a mountain of guacamole sound?

To be fair, it’s actually quite affordable: It costs $80US ($106AU), but it weighs nearly 14kgs, meaning you’d be able to feed a lot of very hungry people. If you’re dining solo, you can purchase a single slice — complete with three tacos on top — for just $10US.

As for how to actually eat this thing, Tony Baloney’s owner Mike Hauke has remarkably specific instructions. “Take the tacos off, dip it in the guac, move them around in the carne asada, eat the tacos, and then smear all the guac and sour cream — all that good stuff — over the pie, and eat the slice,” he told Thrillist.

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We don’t know about you, but we’ve got heartburn just looking at this thing.

(Lead image: Tony Baloney’s/Facebook)

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