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Taco Bell Is Finally Opening In Sydney This Year, Thank God

Taco Bell Is Finally Opening In Sydney This Year, Thank God

Taco Bell Is Opening Its First Two NSW Stores In Sydney And Newcastle

The American king of Tex Mex, Taco Bell, graced our fine shores with its presence when it opened its first Australian stores in Queensland. Which is great news for anyone who counts “smashing a burrito” among their fave dining experiences, and lives in the Sunshine State – but what about the rest of us? Well, great news friends, because Taco Bell has just announced plans to open two stores in NSW.

Taco Bell Australia has been hinting at something on its Facebook page for a while now, and lots of people (guilty) were holding out hope that the teasers were leading to a NSW announcement.


Details are still scarce, but we know that two stores are opening this spring, one in Western Sydney and the other in Newcastle.

If the menus are the same as the other Aus stores, we can expect to get our hands on Taco Bell’s famous burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chippies, OTT nachos and churros.


Taco Bell Australia also has a pretty decent range of beer, cider and frozen margaritas – hell yes – on the menu, so you can round out the Tex-Mex experience that you know you deserve.

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There’s no official opening date announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from jumping on the taco hype train. And Taco Bell’s expansion hasn’t stopped there – Melbourne is also getting some love, with stores set to open there before the year is out. It’s a good time to love a taco.

Newcastle is also getting the world’s first drive-through-only KFC store in November. On an unrelated note, I know where I want to be on cheat day.

(Lead image: Taco Bell Australia / Facebook)

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