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A ‘Dining In The Dark’ Experience Is Returning To Sydney So You Can Test Your Senses

A ‘Dining In The Dark’ Experience Is Returning To Sydney So You Can Test Your Senses

A few years ago, the concept of dining in a pitch black room took the world by storm. The idea, as I understood it, was that eliminating your sense of sight would heighten both smell and taste, therefore making your eating experience far more enjoyable.

I was living in Canada at the time and you best believe I signed up to give it a try.

I went with my boss at the time, and a friend. Did the food taste amazing? I mean honestly it was good, but I’m not sure it was better than it would have tasted if I had the use of my eyes. Did my boss knock wine all down my front? Absolutely. Was it a really fun experience that I would absolutely recommend everyone try at least once in their life? Definitely.

Good news then, that Sydney now has their chance.

Fever Events is throwing a blind-folded dining experience at a surprise location somewhere in Sydney between March and April this year.

Obviously this isn’t the same group I went with, and you’ll be blind-folded not eating in a pitch black room, but the principle of the experience remains.

“Studies show that 80 percent of people eat with their eyes; with that sense eliminated, the theory is that the other senses — namely taste and smell — take over to elevate your meal to a whole new level,” says the event description.

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“After donning your blindfold in the darkened, candlelit room, you’ll soon realise that focusing on taste and smell alone can be a truly enlightening experience”.

While the menu is also secret, they do have vegan, seafood and meat options available, as well as a sample menu you can view here.

Tickets are going for $110 each, which isn’t bad for a three-course dinner, and you can purchase them here.

(Lead Image: Pexels / Elina Sazonova)

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