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Mary’s Has Opened A New CBD Restaurant And Are Serving $5 Burgers To Celebrate

Mary’s Has Opened A New CBD Restaurant And Are Serving $5 Burgers To Celebrate

The good folk at Mary’s have been slinging some of our favourite Sydney burgers just off King Street in Newtown for years now, and have opened up a few bastions of burger goodness around the city. And now they’ve opened yet another venue, with little fanfare, in the CBD on Pitt Street. The announcement came via an inconspicuous Instagram post.

To celebrate the new launch, Mary’s Pitt Street will be slinging happy hour burgers – for only $5 each – from 5pm to 6pm every day until Friday this week. Yes, that’s a Mary’s burger, which usually costs $19, for a lowly $5. Put me between two buns and call me a hamburger if that doesn’t sound like a deal.


The CBD iteration of the restaurant will feature the full menu we’ve come to know and love at the Newtown institution, including all the hamburgers and cheeseburgers, fries and fried chicken you could possibly want, as well as a full list of excellent and weird cocktails and a curated wine list – plus the vegan menu that’s available at Mary’s Underground in Circular Quay.

The most recent opening for the cult burger company was Mary’s Circular Quay and Mary’s Underground – both welcomed with fervour by Sydney’s dining public. They also operate Mary’s Pizzeria at the Lansdowne Hotel.

Check out Mary’s in the CBD, now open and slinging burgers at you at 410 Pitt Street. The altar to the burger gods will be open 12pm to 12am every day.

(Lead image: insatiablemunch / Flickr)

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