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A Stretch Of The Sunshine Coast Has Been Named A World Surfing Reserve

A Stretch Of The Sunshine Coast Has Been Named A World Surfing Reserve

Surfing at Noosa

Aussies didn’t need anyone tell us our world-beating surf breaks are worthy of protection, but an international conservation body made it official last week, dedicating a sparkling stretch of Australia’s Sunshine Coast a World Surf Reserve.

Save The Waves, a global conservation body responsible for the World Surfing Reserves initiative, named Noosa the 10th World Surfing Reserve on November 16. That means the area’s key environmental, cultural, economic and community value will be protected in perpetuity.

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The 4km stretch is the third Australian break to be granted World Surf Reserve status, with beaches on the Gold Coast and Sydney’s north shore already protected alongside those in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and the USA. Noosa was chosen for its beautiful pointbreaks and world-leading coastal conservation efforts.


The announcement was made at the official dedication of the coalition’s ninth reserve at Punta de Lobos in Chile.

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Tony Wellington, Noosa mayor and founding member of the Noosa National Surfing Reserve committee, said the accolade “is both a tribute to Noosa’s iconic status as a surfing mecca and also an acknowledgment of our modern history of pioneering environmental activism. Being a World Surfing Reserve will help maintain focus on protection of our coastline as well as care for marine biodiversity.”

You know where to find us this summer.

(Lead image: Darren Jew via Tourism and Events Queensland)

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