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The World’s Biggest Botanic Garden Is Being Built In The Middle Of A Desert

The World’s Biggest Botanic Garden Is Being Built In The Middle Of A Desert

Oman Botanic Garden

First, the world’s biggest floral display appeared in the Dubai desert. Now, the world’s biggest botanic garden is under construction in Oman.

According to designs released by architecture firms Arup Associates, Grimshaw Architects, and Haley Sharpe Design, the Oman Botanic Garden will sprawl over 420 hectares at the foot of the Al Hajar mountains, around 35km from its capital, Muscat.

Oman Botanic Garden

Inside, the country’s eight unique environments – including deserts and mountains – will be recreated. All 1200 of the Middle East’s native plants – including 75 floral, aloe and other species that are only found in Oman – will call the colossal structure home.

The best part is that the building will be worked around the region’s natural landscape (which boasts an ancient seabed that was elevated to around 100m above sea level by tectonic activity) and will waste no water, making it totally eco-friendly.

Oman Botanic Garden

In addition to the gardens, there will be education and research facilities on site.

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It’s unclear exactly when the Oman Botanic Garden will open to the public, though the “project is due to start on site imminently”, according to a press release.

Now, that’s what you call an oasis.


(All images: Grimshaw Architects)

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