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PSA: This Idyllic Swiss Town Will Pay You $33K To Move There

PSA: This Idyllic Swiss Town Will Pay You $33K To Move There

Albinen, Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and if you’ve never dreamed of chucking it all in to become a florist (just me?) in one of its many picturesque mountain towns, well, you’ve probably never been to Switzerland.

Now, that dream could be a genuine reality thanks to the tiny town of Albinen, which is considering offering new residents a whopping $33,500 (25,000CHF) per person to relocate.

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Local authorities are keen to attract new residents to the after the town’s already tiny population (only 240 people currently call it home) dropped significantly in the past couple of years. Sadly, the departures have put a huge amount of pressure on the town’s economic and civic infrastructure.


But it’s very much open for business, and would make a great base from which to explore Europe. Just a short two-hour drive from Bern, it’s close to Switzerland’s infamous Matterhorn and the French and Italian borders.

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According to the town’s newsletter (which was translated by The Local), if councillors vote to implement the scheme, would-be residents must be willing to commit to residing in the town for a decade, unless they want to face paying the sum back. Eligible applicants also need to be under 45 years of age and must choose a property in the village valued over $265,000 (200,000CHF).

If that’s what Albinen calls a catch, I think I could handle it.

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