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Stop Looking, We’ve Found The Perfect Travel Bag

Stop Looking, We’ve Found The Perfect Travel Bag

Organising your essential travel items seems pretty straightforward. But when you don’t have the right luggage, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

If you’re anything like us, you end up frantically juggling books, magazines, lip balms, journals and jackets through the airport because if you put it in your backpack, you’ll have to spend two minutes fishing it out all over again when you board the plane. See? Nightmare.

As you can tell, we think about travel organisation quite frequently. We’re always searching to find the perfect bag or hack that’ll ease our woes. So we were enthralled, enamoured even, to lay our eyes on the impeccable new travel goods from This Is Ground. They’ve introduced a new range of bags that put everything in its rightful place. And it’s beautiful to see.

Bank Bag

Wow, just look at that beautiful organisation. It’s part of the brand’s Self Made collection, that hopes to cater to women on the go. There are two bags in the collection, the Bank Bag and the In The Works Tote, and both unzip to lay flat so you don’t have to rummage around for what feels like hours to find a pen.


You can store your laptop, phone, phone cords, camera, sunglasses, jewellery, and passport without ever having to worry that they’ll sink into the blackhole that is your regular bag, ne’er to be seen again.

There’s also a dedicated fold-up cord wallet and jewellery pouch as part of the collection, so these notoriously tangled travel items will have their own home.

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However, the bags don’t come cheap. The Bank Bag retails at $940AUD (*sharp intake of breath*) and the Tote goes for $670AUD (*falls flat on the ground*). But of course, even if you can’t afford it, it certainly serves as some serious packing inspiration.

Check out the other amazing bags from This Is Ground.

Ready to pack for another trip? Did we hear you say “always”? Thought so.

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