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Stellar News, A Cat Wine Bar Is Opening In The US

Stellar News, A Cat Wine Bar Is Opening In The US

Cat cafes are the done thing these days, so much so that there’s even an astro-themed cat cafe in Sydney now. But if you’ve ever felt that your evening of wine-drinking would work well alongside some much needed cat-petting, then listen up.

After successfully opening a cat cafe in 2014, the Denver Cat Company has recently announced plans to open America’s first cat bar. Crossing cats with fine wines? Seems only natural.


The Denver Cat Company have launched a Kickstarter to fund America’s first cat bar, where wine and felines will run wild. According to their page, the cat bar will be one classy affair; a chill atmosphere designed for socialising with cats and people, one they hope will be a unique and innovative addition to Denver’s nightlife.


There’s a number of reasons why a cat bar trumps a cat cafe. For one, there will be alcohol. Secondly, selling alcohol and food means the Cat Bar won’t need to charge an entry fee to get in (which most cat cafes do). Plus, cats are more active at night. The afternoon is when cats doze, but when night hits, they’re ready to play. Throw in some catnip and you’ve got yourself a pretty sophisticated rager.


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The graduation from cat cafes to cat pubs and cat wine bars seems only natural. Here’s hoping the next step will be cat hotels – if this place is anything to go by, we’re closer than we think.

The Denver Cat Company’s goal is to have the wine bar up and running in March of next year – you can donate to their Kickstarter campaign here.

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