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South Korean Airport Introduces Robots To Check You Into Your Flight

South Korean Airport Introduces Robots To Check You Into Your Flight

Yes, we know. By 2017, we expected our hover boards and flying cars and instant pizza. And while we don’t have any of that just yet, the future is almost here.

Meet Troika: Seoul Incheon Airport’s newest batch of employees. They’re funny, helpful, and they know the weather. They’re also high-functioning robots.


South Korea‘s largest airport introduced the very first batch of self-driving robots just this week. Created by LG Electronics, the robots can check you into your flight, lead you to the gate, and engage in basic conversation.

The Troika robots are about the size of a child (137cm) and have a large screen for a face that displays flight information, airport maps, and the weather. When you don’t need it to display information for you, the screen face has a smiley mouth and blinking eyes. Cute!

LG Airport Robots
Image: LG Electronics

They also have robots whose sole purpose is to clean the floor of the airport. Some robot’s gotta do it!

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The robots have been introduced in the lead up to this year’s Winter Olympics. They’re expected to learn English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese by the end of the month, so they can service all kinds of customers.

We for one are welcoming this robot revolution, especially given they’re so mild-mannered and cute.

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