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Someone Invented A Hoodie With An Inflatable Pillow In It

Someone Invented A Hoodie With An Inflatable Pillow In It

Sometimes people just get you, and the creators of the Hypnos hoodie are those people.


The Hypnos Hoodie is basically the best thing we’ve ever come across and we’re ready for it to revolutionise the clothing industry. The glorious garment is a hoodie with an inflatable pillow hidden inside of it. And it’s genius.


Having just surpassed its fundraising goal on Kickstarter, the Hypnos hoodie has been coined “the world’s best sleep hoodie”, perfect for anyone anywhere who’s in the need of a little rest on the go. As the brains behind the jacket say, it’s more than just a hoodie, “it’s your day-to-day (and day-to-night) essential comfort garment”.

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No longer must we roll our hoodies into small compact balls to use as pillows while leaving our arms cold in the process. We can now have our cake and eat it too – we can wear our hoodie while also having support for our neck and head. Ergonomic support, to be exact.


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The inflated pillow is inconspicuously tucked into the back section of the jacket’s hood, allowing you to inflate it in about three seconds for sleep (or just support) on the go.


With only a few days left of their Kickstarter campaign, you might be able to snag a cheap Hypnos before the hoards of internet savvy travellers do – the hoodies come in both pullover and zip up designs, as well as a range of colours and fits. Go on. You know you want one.

(Images: Hypnos Hoodie/Facebook)

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